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We think we already live in a world swamped with content, but as new creator tools emerge and AI powered Creative Machines get better at creating their own DeepFakes and synthetic content there will be significant economic and societal implications.

THERE’S NO getting away from the fact that today we live in a VUCA world dominated by technology and speed. However, despite today’s furious rate of change, which is accelerating, unknown to many we have already reached the point when global business, culture, and society can be disrupted and transformed in just a single day.

Currently the most prominent example of this was Meta’s Libra cryptocurrency, now Diem, and now sold off. Had regulators approved its use, rather than freaking out about it, the way it was designed and its ability to be instantly adopted by billions of users would have, in the words of the leaders of all G7 central banks, transformed the global financial services industry and ended the state control of money over night.

In part the speed of change we’re witnessing today is because over half the world’s population is connected and can access new digital products and services at an unprecedented speed and scale. And this includes content in all its forms.

As impossible as it might sound though this rate of change is about to get exponentially faster as increasingly autonomous and sophisticated so called Creative Machines, essentially Artificial Intelligence’s that can innovate and produce new content and products at digital speed, and often in simulation, emerge and come onto the market.

Today not only are these machines and tools helping democratise content creation for millions of creators around the world in new ways, but they’re also helping fuel the development of increasingly authentic and realistic DeepFakes, and they are also already generating their own procedural never ending content streams that, as they improve in quality, will have significant implications for creators and consumers everywhere.

Now, with the ability to create all manner of digital content, from books and music, to games, videos, and virtual worlds, at digital speed, procedurally, humanity stands on a cliff edge where the content that shapes our world, and our opinions and views of it, will never be the same again. No longer will humans be the sole creators and machines the tools, soon machines will be both the creators and the tools.

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