Futurist Podcast: The Future of Work 2030, Automated Podcast


The future of work has always been a top of mind topic, but the recent pandemic has now popularised it even more.


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Firstly, thanks to Marc Verbenkov for inviting me to join him on his Automated podcast where, as the name suggests, we discussed the future of work and what Artificial Intelligence and automation mean for workers and society at large. And then, in true futurist fashion, we discussed a huge range of other future scenarios and technologies, and as Marc’s listeners will be aware, went so far off piste that we ended up on a completely different mountain range.


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During the podcast we discussed everything from the future of jobs and skills all the way through to the future of creativity and robotics – naturally. And to say it’s a roller coaster of a show is an understatement so I hope you enjoy them:


Episode 1 of 2


Episode 2 of 2


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Source: Automated Podcast Ep. 66 and 67

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