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We already live in a sci-fi world. now you can see it LIVE for yourself.

The Future of Leadership

with Unilever, USA

As a globe trotting keynote speaker helping demystify the future I feel humbled and privileged to be able to see and speak to people all around the world about their hopes and aspirations for the future, and no matter where I travel everyone agrees the pace of change today is faster than it was a decade ago, and that in another decade’s time it’ll be faster still.

They also agree that the pace of change itself is accelerating, something that is in no small part due to the emergence of not tens but hundreds of powerful, exponential technologies that are helping companies and individuals everywhere disrupt and transform every corner of global culture, industry, and society on a scale, and and at a pace, the world has never seen before.


Investing in the Future

with FAB and Legal & General, UAE

Life in 2030

with the State of California, USA

The Future of Sport

with Decathlon, France

The Future of Synthetic Content and Creativity

with Episerver, Finland

Investing in the Future

with Bloomberg, UK

I, The Company of 2040

with Accenture, France


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